"All investors need mentors, guidance, and sound advice – and this straight-forward guide through the many 'don'ts' of real estate investing is a breath of fresh air which real estate investors of all levels, novice to very experienced, will certainly benefit from while navigating through the inevitable ups and downs along the way."

--Kendra Todd, author of Rich and Grow Rich (HarperCollins) and New York Times best selling authorHost of HGTV's My House is Worth What? and winner of The Apprentice 3.
“Sidney’s book has an interesting approach to real estate investing.  His principals are sound, streamlined and efficient.  But don’t be fooled by his soft candor, since he’s probably the equivalent of Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s Chief of Staff), in that his investing methods are direct, brutal but painfully ethical.  To his credit, he even gave me some investing advice on my second home in Branson, MO.  And if for no other reason to read the book, Sidney’s methodologies are successful given his proven achievements in the real estate business.”

-- U.S. Olympic Wrestling Coach Bobby Douglas, in 1992 and 2004.  (Sidney was a walk-on at Arizona State University in 1986 where Bobby Douglas coached 1975 to 92).
“The only thing more helpful when trying to sell one's home than staging, is pricing it correctly.  Sidney Potter's The Flip is a must have guide for future home flippers or those just trying to ensure a return on their real estate investment."

-- Monica Pedersen, Host of HGTV's Designed to Sell.
"Read The Flip even if you are just thinking about getting involved with real estate. After thirty years in the business, a book comes along that combines a great story with a great education."

-- John Ross Borzellino, author of Lease Purchase America.
“First of all, I was really impressed by Sidney’s transparency of his own life’s journey written in The Flip. What an amazing life, full of life lessons on what not to do and what to do. Secondly, I was awestruck by his know-how of doing flips, Sidney-style!  Sidney writes in such a way to make it understandable and applicable. It definitely shows you that in order to be successful at anything, you must be focused.

The Flip is a unique book that stands on its own in terms of Sidney’s “real-life drama” shared in a captivating way and also being an “owner’s manual” for successful flipping.  Thanks Sidney for pouring out your heart and wisdom to us all.”

-- Peter Harris, co-author of Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Success and Commercial Real Estate for Dummies. (John Wiley & Sons).
“Since we were teenagers, Sidney has had an insatiable appetite for knowledge, adventure and the sense of challenge.  I’m proud to see that he is now with great humility teaching others how to better themselves from his vast experience in the world of real estate.”

-- Darrin “DJ” Jackson, FOX sportscaster, Chicago White Sox.
“By writing down his experience, which makes interesting reading, Sidney Potter has made a contribution to real estate.

The Flip is a book which does not follow the mainstream in investment advice. That much the better, because it presents the lesser known sides of the business which, however, can be vital to anybody who works or plans to work in this field.”

-- Dimitris N. Chorafas, PhD,author of Financial Boom and Gloom: The Credit and Banking Crisis of 2007-2009 and Beyond (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking andFinancial Institutions). Mr. Chorafas is the author of over 150 books. He currently heads The Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation (France).
The Flip gives a fascinating, racy and brash insider's account of the US housing bubble in the years before the crash – a kind of housing market equivalent of Liar's Poker. It provides a combination of a how-to manual and a 21st century morality tale: how to make money when the market is rising sharply, how to lose it when you overreach yourself - and what to make of it all afterwards. 'The Flip' is a rivetting read on the madness of the housing bubble.”

-- Kevin Dowd, PhD, author of Alchemists of Loss: How Modern Finance and Government Intervention Crashed the Financial System (John Wiley/UK).  Professor of Financial Risk Management, at Nottingham University Business School (United Kingdom).  Mr. Dowd is an Adjunct Scholar at The Cato Institute.
"In the post-subprime crisis period, buying and selling homes strike fear in the minds of Americans and people in other regions of the world alike. Out of the pessimism and gloom talk generated from perspectives by macroeconomists and media commentators amongst others, comes an insightful guide by Sidney that does not pretend to be comprehensive but is highly accessible (written in clear concise language), user-friendly (with glossary) and perhaps most importantly, Sidney writes it as an experienced practitioner with an insider's insider view. He does not neglect being entertaining with interesting anecdotes.  A recommended reference and guidebook in this subject area."

--  Lim Tai Wei, PhD, author of Destructive Creativity of Wall Street and the East Asian Response (World Scientific Publishing Company). Mr. Wei is a research fellow at the East Asian Institute.
“The flip is known by economist as speculation, and has acquired an unfavourable reputation over the very recent years, following the global financial collapse that pushed down the global economy. But speculation, together with profit is what makes markets evolve and grow and has to be considered as positive instead. Potter describes in plain style with interesting details the real estate market in the West Coast of the United States, during its golden age. The US West Coast has been a unique opportunity of profit and development, and resembles the Eldorado. The well known Hollywood character Gordon Gekko will appreciate Potter's book and hints.

John Maynard Keynes, the father of economics and of the European welfare system, sustained that the Western economic structure is pushed further by animal spirits, and hubris. Potter's book is a perfect synthesis of all these features.”

-- Chiara Oldani, PhD,author ofGoverning Global Derivatives (Ashgate Publishing Group).  Professor of Economics, University of Viterbo at La Tuscia (Italy).  Mrs. Oldani is a teaching fellow at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome.
“I have been through D. Sidney Potter's The Flip. The book makes an interesting reading giving insider's view of what was considered, few years back, a very lucrative business - flipping houses as investment property. Rising housing prices coupled with high degree of leverage through the cycle of development as also thereafter helped to bring substantial equity returns on this activity.

Steep deflation of property prices in 2006 and 2007 caused losses in many cases, and the leverage magnified the risks. Potter provides interesting clues to spotting and exploiting opportunities in this business. Potter has candidly talked about his success stories as also his failures. Potter writes in conversational style - you feel as if he is talking to you. This makes the book a very enjoyable reading.”

-- Vinod Kothari, co-author with Frank Fabozzi of Introduction to Securitization. (John Wiley & Sons). Mr. Kothari is internationally recognized as an author, trainer and expert on securitization, asset-based finance and credit derivatives.  Mr. Kothari is a teaching fellow it the Indian Institute of Management.
“My business partner and I have flipped over 20 properties, two of which were tract homes and we currently own several apartment buildings in Los Angeles.  With today's strict lending standards, peoples overall fear of risk taking…flipping has become increasingly more difficult, even for the seasoned flipper.  Even though I think that the timing is off with D. Sidney Potter's book, he gives realistic expectations and valuable knowledge for any level of flipper.”

-- Marcus Hunt, Co-Host of HGTV's Build/Renovation show Hammer Heads.
"Wow, Sidney, you truly are a brilliant real estate mogul.  I even followed some of your advice in this book by having my new floor layed down diagonally in the entry way.  On another note, I can't believe it that I made it into your book because of some perceived tension between two anchors. Geez, Lucy Noland and I should have really played things up for you and Kevin Lewis that night to add a little more drama to the story. But really, I'm too sweet for that, and Lucy is a wonderful woman who I wish the best.  Cheers!"

--Jodi Unruh, Anchor/Reporter, KVAL-TV, CBS Affiliate in Eugene, OR.  (Jodi and Sidney were in the Class of ’83, Churchill High School, Eugene, OR).
“While I’m not an advocate of flipping properties, the author, D. Sidney Potter, enjoys the excitement. And he had a good run at it, earning over a million dollars in a few short years only to see the market turn on him at the end. If flipping is part of your game plan to succeed in real estate I would suggest reading The Flip. It will either make you a flipping advocate or flipping antagonist. Either way, Potter’s book will entertain and inform.”

-- Steven Bergsman, author of ‘Maverick Real Estate’ and After The Fall: Opportunities and Strategies for Real Estate Investing in the Coming Decade. (John Wiley & Sons).
“In this book, D. Sidney Potter shares with you his remarkable true life rags to riches story of how he created tremendous wealth flipping new tract homes.  Sidney gives you step by step instructions along with the risks and rewards that can be gained from his knowledge and personal experience investing in single tract homes. Every aspiring real estate investor can learn a tremendous amount of information by reading this book.
This book is a must read and I highly recommend it!”

-- Lex Levinrad, CEO, Distressed Real Estate Institute.
"A GREAT resource book for any investor. Highly recommended!"

-- John D. Mayfield, President, Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers and former Director of the NAR in Missouri.
“Flipping a home is not for everyone and remains undoubtedly treacherous. Even real estate investing, albeit more popular is not without complications. If you are thinking about either, advice based on real-life experiences is invaluable. The Flip by Sidney Potter does just that, it combines great life lessons with practical do’s and don’ts in this complex, murky business.”

-- Stefan Swanepoel, CEO, RealSure Inc.  Mr. Swanepoel is the author of 19 real estate books, including the Swanepoel Trends Report, an annual analysis of the changes and trends impacting the residential real estate business in the United States.
“Sidney’s story is both inspiring and hands on. If you’re interested in making money in the world of flipping real estate, this book will guide you through the process. Not only will it allow you to get to your goals of financial freedom but will prevent you from hitting a lot of the pot holes along the way (which usually cost you a lot of money!).”

-- David Lindahl, co-author of Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 (John Wiley & Sons).
“A true real estate investor knows how to make money whether the market is going up or going down.  The real secret is knowing how to solve problems. "The Flip" will help you not only spot problems and opportunities with specific real estate properties, but also help you solve the problems in a way that puts even more money in your pocket.

Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in making money in real estate, no matter what is happening with the market.”

-- Diane Kennedy, CPA/Tax Strategist and author of The Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestsellers,  Loopholes of the Rich (Rich Dad’s Advisors series), and The Insider’s Guide to Tax Free Real Estate Investing (John Wiley & Sons).
Why would Sidney Potter take us with him while he revisits his painful real estate crash and burn saga?

The simple answer is “To inform and help people, in hopes that after reading this book, the reader will not make the same mistakes he did!”  Bravo!  A must read for income buyers.

The owner of Vegas World Hotel and Casino Bob Stupak and I served with Sidney on the Las Vegas Country Club Estates Master Board (LVCCMA) just before the market turned.  The LVCCMA is a 1,250 home golf community in the heart of Las Vegas.  As a Board member, we both found Sidney to be confident, positive, articulate and knowledgeable.  There was no doubt he brought a lot to the table.  As an investor of the past 45 years here in Las Vegas, I have bought and sold 28 major multi-family properties for over $100 million dollars.  As we were both real estate investors, we had a lot in common.  However, our methods were far from the same.  Location we agreed on.  Leverage, equity and management, not so much.

Sidney’s riveting real estate story of moves takes you on a compelling trip that is not unlike someone changing chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

In the end, real estate will come back and so will Sidney Potter.  It’s a great read.  Well done Sidney.

-- Michael R. Flores, President, Las Vegas Country Club Master Association
A cherished mentor of mine once told me, "There's money in the world."

Even in times like these, you might be wondering?  Yes, even in times like these, and Sidney Potter's new book, The Flip, is so chockful of useful info on buying and selling homes and properties, that it could almost be considered a similarly cherished mentor between covers.

The Flip is tight, conversational, and loaded with accurate and insightful information about navigating -- and more importantly, making money in -- the world of real estate. Potter covers everything from acquiring loans and credit scores to which upgrades will pay off and why having trusted friends may be one of the most important elements of a real estate transaction.

The book is written for people interested in the "The Flip" -- buying and selling new tract homes at a profit.  But -- and I can't emphasize this enough -- there is so much info in here about the entire home-buying paradigm, that even people who don't want to approach real estate as an investment strategy but rather as a way to live the way they wish, can profit from reading it.  It is an insider's look at home buying, and even first-time buyers can learn very valuable information that will undoubtedly help them as they look at homes, apply for loans, and go through the process of signing those first mortgage papers.

Potter doesn't skimp on the technical details, but he writes in a very accessible manner, sprinkles personal (and often celebrity-themed) anecdotes throughout the book, and provides a very useful Glossary at the end of the book to define the terms common to the industry.

The Flip is a terrific analysis of the art of the Flip and the perfect handbook for both beginner and seasoned Flipologists. Highly recommended.

-- Stephen Spignesi, New York Times best selling author.