Flip Methodology
Fliponomics (flip-o-nomics) adjective. I. the optimization of various investment strategies and methodologies, that is based in part on the build out time of a tract home, its hold time, deposit amount, "walk away" option and the speed of disposition.

Etymology: (circa 2000-2001); English, flip+, English, nomics.
[-flip: a short, quick movement, or somersault. - nomics: although an English suffix, its origin is derived from the Greek word, vouoc nomus, which means "law." Thus, words ending with -nomics, mean "law of" what the prefix is.] See related words: flipology, flip methodology.
Flipology (flip-ol-o-gy) noun. I. the art, science and analytics of flip methodology. More specifically, flipology involves the qualitative analysis of decision making (i.e. loan financing, site selection, self marketing and knowledge leveraging), and its real time application to the purchase of tract homes. Its origin developed as a result of meteoric rates of appreciation in connection with the development of new tract housing by home builders; involves the rapid resell by investors of such product.

Etymology: (circa 2000-2001); English, flip+, German, ology.
[-flip: a short, quick movement, or somersault. - ology: a combining form used in the designation in bodies of knowledge.] See related words: fliponomics, flip methodology.
Flip Methodology - A specialized real estate investment strategy that dictates an ethical interaction with other real estate professionals in the buying and selling of new tract homes in rapid succession. At its core, flip methodology promotes a "best practices" mantra among its practitioners and encourages a principled approach to each transaction. Notwithstanding these guidelines, flip methodology is an agglomeration of strategies focused on netting the most from each real estate purchase.