Six Degrees of Separation
Besides being a former model with the Nina Blanchard Agency (now Ford Models), and in a six-degrees-of-separation-Kevin-Bacon type of existence, his story will take you through a maze of famous athletes and
celebrities that Sidney crossed paths directly and indirectly through childhood to adulthood.

From playing Pop Warner little league football with actor Todd Bridges, his junior high friendship with football legend Jim Brown's daughter, Shelly Ayres, to being teenage friends with former professional baseball player and Fox Sports sportscaster Darrin Jackson, high school football teammates with Robert Truijillo, lead Bassist with Metallica, to his friendship with Sigma Nu fraternity brother Adam Duritz, lead singer of the Counting Crows; you'll find that while following his path, you won't be bored by his acquaintances and encounters, which included a part-time college job in a law firm working alongside former US Secretary of State Warren Christopher. And more recently, serving as a Board of Directors member with entrepreneur Bob Stupak, developer of the Stratosphere Tower and Casino in Las Vegas, to litigating a civil case in 2007 in front of Judge Joe Bonaventure, the same presiding judge of OJ Simpson's sports memorabilia case.

Having grown up as a teenager in Ladera Heights, a Los Angeles community referred to in Quentin Tarantino's movie Reservoir Dogs as the "Black Beverly Hills," where Sidney's neighbors included Vanessa Williams and boxing legend Ken Norton, the author's real estate background can be traced to his father, Malcolm Potter whose white collar origins included successfully operating his own real estate commercial brokerage in South Central Los Angeles in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Not only will you find Sidney's journey oddly fascinating and deeply informative in terms of how to analyze pre-construction opportunities, you'll be inspired by the success stories Sidney has witnessed around himself.